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RapidKL Ensures More Than 4 million Passengers’ Safety with Forenix Mini Dome


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D0100 Mini Dome
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Forenix Digital Mini Dome Takes care of High-end Projects
Incorporated on July 2004, RapidKL is Malaysia’s largest service provider of public transportation in the Klang Valley area with its integrated rail and bus network. Roughly, the integrated transportation service transports nearly 4.8 million passengers every week with 992 buses and 48 rail stations operating daily. For that reason, to make sure this huge population of passengers is safely protected during the transits become an utmost mission for them. And RapidKL found that with Forenix Digital Mini Dome, they are able to surveil a large system and achieve their mission.
Background and solution
Forenix D0100 Mini Dome Camera is a palm-sized weather/vandal proof camera. It is ideal for transportation usage. Crime happens everywhere even it is a public area.  train cabin for example, could be stealing, sexual harassment or even terrorist attack. Therefore, in a way it is doing its job taking surveillance for the safety of the general public without getting in people’s way,but yet still takes the precaution of its presence. Along with the 38 NVR provided from Forenix Digital, RapidKL will be able to take care of the passengers.
Choosing a camera for a transportation project is important, because it doesn’t have the room for failing. Forenix Digital’s D0100 mini dome has done a superbjob since it has been installed, and will keep bring safe commuting for the passenger without failing.