Project at Sabatina Taiwan

Keep an eye on your assets and your beautiful stores Sabatina finds the perfect solution

Customer profile

Sabatina Wellness
Taipei, Taiwan
Industry Segment
64 Channel NVR
Sabatina offers one of the world’s most comfortable shoes in the world. Each pair of shoes symbolizes their success as a shoe engineer. The Story of the Sabatina Wellness began many years ago,Sabatina shoes is to act as a cushion between humanfoot and the ground in order to restore the primitive well-being of humanbody.
Background and solution
Managing one shop is difficult; managing several could turn out to be a disaster when you cannot keep your eyes on each one of them every second. How do you know your employees are doing their job? How do you know your stocks are safe? What happen if someone breaks in and try to steal from you? Forenix has the answer. With WGP-100-CB, you can leave your worries behind. It allows proprietor live viewing the stores’ current status with computers or smart phones.
With our cube camera (WGP-100-CB), the store manager doesn’t have to visit shop after shops to make sure everything is on track. It provides cost effective solutions on both time and manpower. Moreover, it is easy to operate.
Special Feature
Forenix cube series offers small and smart cameras, ideal for securing locations such as small business, boutiques, restaurants, hotels or residences. The worst thing that could happen to a shop is trespass by a thief. In order to wipe out the trace, most thieves will damage the surveillance device after he pays his “visit” in a store. However the network cameras store the file remotely, meaning the storage could be somewhere else. On top of that, WGP-100-CB has anadvance PIR sensor, a white LED light flashes when movement was detected. It’s a natural reaction to look at light, with LED lighting the perimeter, WGP-100-CB is able to take a clear shot at intruder’s face.